75 Tasks your teen needs to know to Adult!


Parenting is really hard! Did your baby come with a “user’s manual?” Mine didn’t...Thankfully I am here to help!

My name is Danica (Da-NEE-Ka) Copp and I am a Master’s Level Social Worker with over 25 years of clinical experience with adolescents.

I am here to help you Confidently Launch your Teenager into Adulthood Successfully! I know the challenge of staying connected while teaching your teenager the tasks they need to “adult in the world.” I also know teenagers think THEY are experts at EVERYTHING!

How then do we help them and like them at the same time? I am here to coach YOU to do just that.

I want you to have an adult child you want to be around and who still wants to spend time with you!

Here is my master checklist of the tasks your teenager ought to know before they leave home.

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Danica Copp

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